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Dial Canon Printer Support Number To Remove Paper Jams in Canon Printers

It becomes crucial to take care of one’s printer while you try to print any document from the device.  Canon printers provide the best quality of prints but various times it so happens that users face difficulty while they command their printers to print as sometimes it so happens that some papers get stuck in the device while printing and some foreign objects are also stuck then the laser copier will show that you are facing paper jam in your product. When this happens, the printer is not able to print any document and it requires cleaning out the carriage path so that it can print the document. So if you also face problems while commanding and you see this error then you should get in touch with the experts via Canon Printer Helpline Number toll-free to get help from the technicians who have years of experience in solving such kind of technical issues. If you want to manually solve this problem then you can also follow the below-mentioned steps to solve it.

Important points to note:

  • Do not apply force to remove the paper as if the paper tears apart it will do harm to the parts of the printer.
  • If by any chance the paper is torn and there are some pieces left inside the printer, make sure that you remove all the parts of the paper.
  • Also, you have to close the top cover after you clear up the jam otherwise your device will still show the error. Try to keep your devices in cool temperature for better performances, contact ac repair in tempe in case of any issue with AC in your room
  • Do not touch the transfer roller in your device as it will result in poor print quality.

Steps to remove Paper Jams in Canon Printers

  • First of all. Remove the top cover of the device carefully by holding it through cutout edge.
  • After that, you have to elevate the toner cartridge in the upper direction.
  • Then you have to place the cartridge into a protective bag so that it does not get harmed.
  • In the “multiple-purpose” tray, take out all the paper which was loaded earlier.
  • And then remove any jammed paper which is inside the printer and you have to pull the paper in the upward direction that too gently.
  • After removing all the foreign objects and the torn pieces you have to again load the “multi-purpose” tray and align the papers properly.
  • Now place the toner cartridges and close the top cover of the device appropriately.
  • If you face any problem while following the steps then you should take support from Contact Canon Printer Number toll-free.

Dial Canon Printer Helpline Number to solve all your errors

If you still face the error and while removing the paper jams you are facing technical issues then you should get in touch with the experts through Canon Printer Support Number toll-free without any hesitation as we are available 24X7.


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